Caybaby Crowdfunding: Support Safe & Sustainable Baby Products


Named after little Cay, Caybaby was born out of a father’s love. The first product by Caybaby was initially started as a personal project to create a personalised baby pillow with prints of one of his favourite animals – giraffe. Going through many iterations and samples, I finalised on a high-quality bamboo fibre blend which is sufficiently thick, yet soft and cooling to touch. The first batch of Caybaby Huggy pillows was then launched in September 2021.

Following the success of the first huggy group buy, the first batch was finally delivered on the last few days of 2021. While I continue sourcing and procuring good quality products for my little Cay such as the subsequent launch of Caysafe Shower range and Caytex bedding products, I will also be working to improve on existing products.

To date, more than $100,000 have been spent on developing products, with more products in the pipeline. I want to give the very best for my little one, and I am sure every parent has this same desire too.

Caybaby is crowdfunding now, and I invite parents who share and support my vision of giving the best for your little ones to join me in this exciting journey.

About the campaign

Caybaby is starting a crowdfunding campaign for one very simple reason: I want to bring truly safe and sustainable products to the masses beyond the shores of Singapore.

Many baby brands are promoting products that claim to be safe and sustainable, yet further investigation reveals that some products promoted for sensitive skin or to be dermatologist and paediatrician tested contains potentially harmful chemicals, toxins, allergens, or irritants.

I discovered that baby wipes are all formulated differently, with some containing bad chemicals like propylene glycol, phenoxyethanol, benzalkonium chloride, etc. Baby wipes are used directly on baby bums, or on hands and feets, and sometimes even on face, near the eyes, and on and around the mouth. Hence it is important for the baby wipes to be clean and safe. This is why Caybaby is working to launch a truly safe and hypoallergenic baby wipes.

Baby wash, body lotion, baby diaper cream and other baby skincare, even those from the big brands may also contain not-so-good ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), phenoxyethanol, butylated hydroxanisole (BHA), alcohol, etc. It is almost impossible to find a perfect option, and even close to perfect options are much more expensive.

Besides no artificial colours, no harsh chemicals, no propylene glycol, no MEA, no DEA, no TEA, no petrolatum, no phthalates, no triclosan, no sulphates, no parabens, no silicones, no EDTA, Caybaby is researching on developing premium yet affordable products without not-so-good chemicals as well.

All Caybaby products are used by little Cay, so I will personally make sure that it is definitely safe for infants, babies and kids. I want to create truly safe products that goes beyond simply claiming to be dermatologist tested or paediatrician approved.

Research and development of various products require significant investment. To ensure each product is the best version we can deliver, we spare no expense in sampling and testing at every stage.


Caybaby products in the 2022 pipeline includes:

– Caybaby Husky Pillows – your little ones’ favourite beansprout husk soothing pillow with our iconic bamboo fibre Huggy Case. Expected to be launched in May 2022.
– Caybaby Feeding accessories – plates, bowls, cups, bibs, etc made with 100% food-grade silicone; BPA-Free, PVC-Free, Latex-Free and Phthalate-Free. Expected to be launched in May 2022.
– Caybaby Bamboo Diaper tapes & pants – organic bamboo, high absorbency, soft and hypoallergenic, high biodegradability, no latex, no harmful chemicals. Expected launch in Q3 2022.
– Caybaby Premium Organic Bamboo Baby Wipes – 100% organic bamboo fibre, truly safe formulation.
– Caybaby Baby Wash with truly safe formulation.

Other products for the future

– Sleeping pillows for different ages.
– Other baby bedding products.
– Other Caybaby skincare range including lotion, diaper rash cream and more.
– More variety of clothing made of bamboo or other superior materials.
– And many more products in planning!

Support Safe & Sustainable Products for Babies & Kids

A truly local and homegrown brand, CAYBABY was created in Singapore with a clear focus to provide premium quality products, that are safe for babies and kids, yet affordable and of good value to parents.

Having spent a lot on the research, I want to make sure Caybaby can follow through to launching these products. Caybaby is looking to raise at least $500,000.

Funds from this crowdfunding campaign will be used for
– Expansion of warehouse and locations. Our next target would be Hong Kong, US and UK.
– Expanding our distribution channels globally – which will eventually help to reduce cost through economies of scale in procurement. We are building capacity to ship globally from multiple warehouses through fulfilment agents.
– Research & development of new and existing products.

Rewards for supporting this campaign

Support Caybaby in taking a closer step towards safe & sustainable products for babies & kids.

In return for your support, you will receive the following rewards.
– Be recognised as a pioneer member of Caybaby Supporters Club (limited to this campaign participant only).
– Exclusive access to Caybaby Supporters group chat where your opinions and feedback shall help to shape the future products of Caybaby.
– Insiders’ perks: be the first to receive free samples of selected new products.
– Insiders’ updates: be updated on the pipeline, get to vote on some decisions such as designs to launch etc.
– Exclusive members’ events or special warehouse sale only for pioneers of Caybaby Supporters Club.
– Up to 130% cashback voucher on your pledged amount.

For pledged amount of
– $500 or more: receive 110% cashback
– $1500 or more: receive 115% cashback
– $3000 or more: receive 120% cashback
– $5000 or more: receive 125% cashback
– $10000 or more: receive 130% cashback

Cashback vouchers may be used to purchase Caybaby products on or on our pre-orders and group-buys. This means that you get further discounts on our discounted prices for pre-orders or group-buys too!

Campaign will be funded whether or not target amount is reached. On reaching the crowdfunding goal, Caybaby will work to secure exclusive members’ privileges, only for pioneer members of Caybaby Supporters Club (limited to participant of this campaign only).

About Caybaby

The best for your little ones with CAYBABY.

Created in 2021 by parents for parents, CAYBABY strives to provide premium quality products, that are safe for babies and kids, yet affordable and of good value to parents.

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