Caybaby Baby Accessories Foaming Cleanser (500ml)

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Caybaby Baby Accessories Foaming Cleanser – 500ml bubble foaming pump bottle
For wash baby bottles, feeding wares, toys etc.
Best before August 2025.

Food-grade, baby-safe. Non-toxic multi-purpose cleanser, mildly formulated with plant-based ingredients to clean baby accessories safely and effectively, yet gentle on hand.

The multi-purpose Baby Accessories Foaming Cleanser by Caybaby is excellent for cleaning baby bottles, feeding teats, pacifiers, tableware, toys, other baby accessories, as well as fruits and vegetables. It is safe and mild, formulated with plant-based ingredients such as Curacao aloe leaf juice and marigold. Cleans baby accessories effectively, yet gentle on hands. Easy to rinse with no residues. Recommended to use for added assurance of cleanliness & hygiene.

DIRECTIONS: Dispense foam onto a cleaning cloth or sponge, and gently scrub baby accessories, before rinsing off thoroughly with clean water. For washing fruits and vegetables, soak and rinse for a few minutes before rinsing off thoroughly with clean water.

Truly baby-safe formulation – Caybaby Baby Care series are formulated to be truly baby-safe with no toxins. We even leave out not-so-good ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), creating body care products so gentle, that are suitable for sensitive skin.

Extensively lab tested, use our Caybaby baby care series on your little ones with a peace of mind, knowing that we lovingly care for you and your baby’s health and safety as much as our own.

No artificial colours
No harsh chemicals
No propylene glycol
No petrolatum
No phthalates
No triclosan
No sulphates/SLS/SLES
No parabens
No silicones
No phenoxyethanol
No butylated hydroxanisole (BHA)
No alcohol


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